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Due to recent events We at world war clothing company would like to remind everyone able to get up every day and ride A bike to notice how fortunate you really are.. please respect that as Said in the bible "What God givith , God Takith away" Us Americans do have many things we take for granted and we should realize as human beings how fortunate we are to have not been in New York at that time.We should realize that every person in that building and thoose planes just like us had no idea this would happen to them that day... please grieve for them and realize how truly lucky you are.!
These people of America died for an unjustly cause.. We here at World War Grieve for the families in this caotic , senless dispute of horific mesures....We send our condolences to the families of relatives that were in the world trade center and flight 11 and  surronding buildings,

My God Rest Your Souls......

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