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1.Name-Jay Sousa of birth- 02-09-85
3.where you live- Rehoboth, MA
4.current age-16
5.Why you ride-its a way to relive the aggravation of the
day and its self expression
6.years riding-4
7.What you ride-Terrible one frame, lots of mutiny parts, xs flipflop hub
8.where you ride-my house, impact, route 44 trails
9.favorite terrian,park,rider,bike co,-I love trails but park too,Shoe-g,Terrible 1
10.first trick learned-no footers
11.last trick-truckdrivers to x-ups
12 craziest trick-backflip x-up
13.your role model-everyone
14.Any good local riders(friends,people you know)-Matt Lippott
15 Anyone youd like to thank!-anyone that gave me free stuff (united athletics)
16 Worst crash-2 broken ribs
17.Any other hobbies-I love the Mazda Rx-7 its my dream car
18  your E-mail-

    thanks for your support and help, ride forever, forever ride
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