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1.Name- Tom "peepin" barnhart of birth- 8-15-84
3.where you live- manchester,ct
4.current age-16
5.Why you ride-biking=scars=you look tough. bein the only white kid in my neighborhood ill take the tough image
6.years riding-about 3 or 4
7.What you ride-mutiny prototype
8.where you ride-street anywhere. dirt @ es trails or whereeva. usually presicion for some ramp action 9.favorite terrian,park,rider,mini,woodward cloud 9 mini area,i like taj,
10.first trick learned-umm prolly one footer
11.last trick-360 turndown to xup
12 craziest trick-umm one hand tailwhip. ive tried em for 2 days. crashed too much. rode out of one
13.your role model-umm i duno. pretty much eerybody who is older than me that i ride with.
14.Any good local riders(friends,people you know)-dana is too smooth on trails. josh is really good on ramps. leon on street
15 Anyone youd like to thank! um everybody who has been there along the way
16 Worst crash- umm duno. i fell down a 19 stair rail last night. that hurt cause i landed on a beer bottle and then my bike hit me in the head
17.Fav bike co.- anythin rider owned.
18 your E-mail-
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